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The budget of the Mogilev region received Br719.3 thousand of a single tax from self-employed citizens last year


About 5 thousand residents of the Mogilev region worked last year without compulsory registration as an individual entrepreneur. Self-employed citizens, in comparison with last year, have increased by 75 people, the press center of the inspection of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus in the Mogilev region reported.

The main number of self-employed citizens is concentrated in Mogilev - 1 thousand. 246 and in Bobruisk - 1 thousand. 110, in the Osipovichi region - 311, Goretsky - 306, Krichevsky - 214, Mogilevsky - 207, Chaussky - 202, Kostyukovichsky - 166.

The most popular type of activity is hairdressing and beauty services, as well as manicure and pedicure services, they are engaged in 1 thousand. 165 people (24.3% of the total number of self-employed). Compared to 2019, the number of people engaged in this activity increased by 14%.

The second most popular type of activity - the sale of flowers, ornamental plants, their seeds and seedlings, animals (excluding kittens and puppies), bakery and confectionery products, finished culinary products - is carried out by 843 people (17.2% of the total).

The third is tutoring services. They are engaged in 683 people (14% of the total).

Also, the townspeople are in demand for sawing and splitting firewood, loading and unloading cargo - 366 people (7.6%); services for the cultivation of agricultural products; grain crushing services; cattle grazing - 255 people (5.2%); sale of kittens and puppies on condition of keeping a pet (cat, dog) - 214 people (4.4%); caring for adults and children, washing and ironing bed linen and other things in households of citizens, walking and caring for pets, purchasing food, washing dishes and cooking in households of citizens, making payments from the funds of the served person for using living quarters and housing and communal services, mowing grass on lawns, cleaning green areas from leaves, cut grass and debris - 191 people (3.9%); plastering, painting, glass works, works on the arrangement of floor coverings and wall cladding, wallpapering the walls, laying (repairing) stoves and fireplaces - 148 people (3%); repair of watches, shoes - 100 people (2.1%).

The budget received Br719.3 thousand of the single tax from this category of payers.

Mogilev region administration